TGY Presenter Title Discussant Notes
September 11, 2023 William Snyder, Shawn Cummings, Michael Vaccaro Introduction to TalkShop, Schedule, Discussion, etc.
September 18, 2023 Shawn Cumming Synthesizing current work towards Generals Jason Crutcher
September 25, 2023
October 2, 2023 Ty Fernandes Wrenn Observational Learning in Rats Portia Washington
October 9, 2023
October 16, 2023 Irina Castellanos Temperament and psychosocial development in children who are D/HH
October 23, 2023 Brittany Lee Practice job talk Jessica Loya
October 30, 2023 Becca Canale Stat Learning in autism
November 6, 2023 Solène Jaspard Effect of input variability on word learning in autistic and non-autistic kids Ty Fernandes Wrenn
November 13, 2023 Hayes Brenner Integer Ratio Bias Modeling
November 20, 2023 Thanksgiving break; Talk Shop will not meet.
November 27, 2023 Sarah Gilmore Developing a digital platform for education research
December 4, 2023 Richard Dube Online Learning in Physics Michael Vaccaro
Facilitators: Shawn Cummings
Michael Vaccaro
Presenters: Please aim to send an abstract and any supporting materials for the interpreters (e.g., draft of slides, relevant paper for background, etc.) to the facilitators by end-of-day on Thursday before your talk. Thank you so much!
Discussants: Please aim to solicit a bio and/or CV from the presenter to help you prepare their introduction. Thank you!