Talk Shop Fall 2019

All meetings are in Bousfield A106 at 12:20-1:10 on Mondays. Please keep in mind seating, lighting, pacing and slide design concerns regarding accessibility.

Talk Shop Spring 2019

Date Presenter Title Discussant
8/26/2019 Planning Meeting
9/2/2019 Labor day
9/9/2019 Faculty Blitz
9/16/2019 Sahil Luthra Lexical information guides retuning of neural patterns in perceptual learning of speech Drew Marina
9/23/2019 Jim Magnsuon EARSHOT: A minimal neural network model of human speech recognition that learns to map real speech to semantic patterns Ashley Parker
9/30/2019 Nick Monto An interactive discussion on the use of Gorilla (experiment building software) and Prolific (online participant pool) Ashley Parker
10/7/2019 Noelle Wig Matching the Mismatch: The interaction between perceptual and conceptual cues in bilinguals’ speech perception
Lee Drown
10/14/2019 Anne Krook Webinar-‘Abstracting your Skills’ – for Careers Outside of the Academy Ashley Parker/Jason Crutcher
10/21/2019 Meaghan Perdue Brain activation during reading mediates association between BDNF Val66Met polymorphism and reading ability Shireena McGee
10/28/2019 David Saltzman Articulatory vs. abstract category representations for speech in the dorsal stream Jason Crutcher
11/4/2019 Jason Crutcher The relationship between pragmatic language and externalizing behaviors in individuals with autism spectrum disorder David Saltzman
11/11/2019 Clifton Langdon Language Deprivation as Lens into Functional Specificity of Neural Networks for Language Processing (working grant proposal) Nikole Giovannone
11/18/2019 Hannah Mechtenberg Semantic predictability modulates cortical sensitivity to phonetic competition in passive listening Hannah Morrow
11/25/2019 Thanksgiving Break
12/02/19 Ashley Parker He Drank Coffee on the Floor: The Interaction between Semantic Predictability and Phonetic Competition in the Brain Amanda Mankovich