Talk Shop Fall 2017

All meetings are in Bousfield A106 at 12:20 on Mondays.
Please keep in mind seating, lighting, pacing and slide design concerns regarding accessibility.

Date Presenter Title Discussant
9/11 Jessica Contreras Update on accessibility policies
and issues
9/18 Gerry Altmann Publishing and publishing
misconduct in the academic world
Jim Magnuson
9/25 Andre Lindsey Primed for
Cognitive-Communication: a Look at Systems and Theory
Julia Drouin
10/02 Adrian Garcia Hear my voice learn from
attending: non-native speech perception bilingual infants
Jessica Contreras
10/09 Yanina Prystauka Establishing a bio-marker of
object-state competition
Kayleigh Ryherd
10/16 Meaghan Perdue Reading-related behavior and
brain activation associated with variation on the SETBP1 gene
Jessica Contreras
10/23 Garrett Smith & Inge-Marie
Eigsti (MCs)
Research CATALYSM: Data blitz
from NBL-related projects
10/30 Chris Heffner German-Speaking Museum Zombies Sahil Luthra
11/06 Letitia Naigles What’s MEANING got to do with it? Some origins of the semantic difficulties of children with ASD Ashley Parker
11/13 Jessica Contreras Bimodal Bilinguals: Sound, Early Language Experience, Language Proficiency, and Executive Function Meaghan Perdue
11/27 Sahil Luthra Reader sensitivity to positional entropy in visual word recognition Hannah Morrow
12/04 Pam Fuhrmeister Variability in non-native speech sound learning Kyra Krass