Nomination and Admissions Procedures for Faculty

Eligible nominees

  • NBL nominees must be applying to a participating NBL Ph.D. program or may be a first-year student in one of those programs; rarely, we may consider a student in Year 2, but the course requirements become impractical so late in the Ph.D. program.
  • Applicants are told that they should contact potential advisors in the Ph.D. program(s) that interests them and inform them of their interest in the NBL program.

Nominating students for NBL training (nominations accepted any time, but requested by May 15 for the following Fall semester)

  • Faculty formally associated with NBL may nominate any applicant or Ph.D. student for NBL training. To do so:
    1. At your earliest convenience, send the nominee’s name to
    2. so we know you intend to nominate the candidate. Note that if you are nominating a student who is applying to your Ph.D. program and wish to notify him/her about NBL when you inform them about the admission decision, you should nominate the student as early as possible to give the admissions committee time to evaluate the nomination.
    3. Either simultaneously, or by the requested date (May 15), submit a completed nomination form by email to
      • The nomination form should also be accompanied by undergraduate transcripts if the nominee is a current applicant, or an up-to-date CV and UConn grade report if the nominee is already a UConn PhD student.
      • Note that nomination forms require brief statements from both the nominee and the sponsor.
  • The admissions committee assesses whether a student is qualified to pursue the Neurobiology of Language graduate certificate, and verifies that the student commits to completing the certificate program.
  • Faculty who are not among the core NBL faculty may inquire about nominating applicants. Such inquiries should be directed to NBL faculty within their department or to William Snyder. Whether such nominations will be considered will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the executive committee.

Download the nomination form.