LAB INVASION: Solab vs. Altmann/Yee labs

Members of Solab and Altmann/Yee labs participate in an IGERT lab invasion: can you spot the viking hat?

Members of Solab (PI: Whitney Tabor) and members of Gerry Altmann’s and Eiling Yee’s labs met this past Friday to discuss on-going projects. While Solab focuses mainly on sentence processing experiments and computational modeling to understand psycho-linguistic phenomena, current projects in the Altmann and Yee labs use EEG and fMRI techniques to study event cognition and conceptual processing. A major theme in the discussions was how to best integrate data from a variety of sources to constrain theories of cognition and language processing. We are excited to see if any new projects result fromĀ this lab invasion!

Labs within IGERT thatĀ are interested in “invading” another lab should contact Garrett Smith at